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Maverick Packaging

Why flexible packaging?

Lightweight packaging

Weighs less than 2.5% of its filled weight.

Less resources

Does not require a secondary box per unit.

Less energy

Manufacturing consumes half the amount of energy compared to the closest alternative..

Saves space

1.5L SUPerPouch® pallet = 5,600 pouches or 8,400 litre capacity versus 1,344 bottles or 1,008 litres.

the advantages of flexible packaging
Longer product life

Your product stays fresh for up to 6 months, so less waste.

Highly customisable

Mavericks Packaging can manufacture pouches or bags in nearly any shape or size.

Reusable containers

With the addition of spouts using your product becomes more convenient for the consumer.

Environmentally friendly

Manufacturing flexible beverage pouches generates 80% less emissions than the closest alternative.

Your innovative packaging specialist in pouches, with various fitment options, side gusseted bags, Quad Seal Bags and many more in progress.

Maverick Packaging offers an innovative range of flexible packaging products.

Our aim is to ceaselessly work on adding to our current “SUPer Range.” Product development is vital to our ability to supply the best flexible packaging products available, thus we invite you to share your packaging needs with us to better enable us to develop the unique flexible packaging products required in todays market place.


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